2015 Raw Nationals - Qualifying Totals / When

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This will be the first year the USAPL will have qualifying totals for Raw Nationals. The weights below are in pounds. Yes it does seem to be lower than you would expect, but being it was the first year for minimum total, the USAPL put lifter friendly numbers up for this event.

When entering for this event, please note that the flights will be split by qualifying total, so if you have put a "elite" raw USAPL total on the books, you should put that on your entry, so you can lift in the same flight as other "elite" level lifters.

You must qualify as a raw / unequipped lifter, even you old guys who just need a total.  Y

But what about.....

Qualifying for 2015 National Meets:

Anyone that qualifies in 2014 will be subject to the qualifying procedure in place during that year as per the NGB ruling. This means you can qualify in the IPF weight class above or below the one in which you lifted as long as you meet the qualifying total for that IPF weight class. For instance, if a male competing in the open division lifts in the 100kg (220lb) class and totals 685kg (1510lb), he qualifies for the 93kg (205lb) weight class and the 105kg (231lb) weight class. If however, he totals 650kg (1433lb) he only qualifies for the 93kg (205lb) class.

Beginning in 2015 all USAPL meets, with the exception of High School Nationals, will use the current IPF classes. To qualify for a National Meet in 2015 a lifter must weigh in within the weight class limits and achieve a minimum total as stated above for that weight class. A lifter will be qualified for each weight class above the one in which they compete provided they achieve the necessary total for that class. For instance, if a female competing in the open division lifts in the 57kg (125lb) class and totals 295kg (650lb), she qualifies for 57kg class. If however, she totals 330kg (728lb) she qualifies for the 57kg class and the 63kg class.

When: Any USA Powerlifting events in 2014 and up until September 15th, 2015

2015 RAW Nationals Qualifying Totals (in pounds) 
Women 43/94 47/103 52/114 57/125 63/138 72/158 84/185
405 446 488 533 570 595 674 
Teen(14-19) 251 269 289 305 326 359 389 465 
Junior(20-23) 270 289 310 330 347 384 413 504 
Master (40+) A Total in a USAPL Sanctioned Meet 

2015 RAW Nationals Qualifying Totals (in pounds)

Men 53/116 59/130 66/145 74/163 83/182 93/205 105/231 120/264
Open  715 769 943 1013 1067 1129 1199 1253
Teen(14-15) 439 510 548 656 694 713 731 784 803
Teen(16-17) 473 548 600 746 776 803 851 893 911
Teen(18-19) 484 563 656 799 851 930 949 971 986
Junior(20-23) 521 608 705 900 938 1024 1035 1069 1088
Master (40+) A Total in a USAPL Sanctioned Meet